Executive Development Centre


IHM Bangalore




Today an executive must be able to conceive of the future, and to conceptualise and create possibilities that utilize both strategic thinking and strategic management and rejuvenate his/her skills as a leader.


The Institute of Hotel Management, Bangalore has been pursuing with the Government of India for the establishment of an Executive Development Centre, on the lines of top American Hospitality Schools.


The Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore was appointed as consultants to prepare a feasibility report. The report was prepared by Prof. Kalyani Gandhi, Dean, IIMB & Prof. Prakash Apte, Dean, IIMB. The report findings indicated the need for establishment of an Executive Development Centre exclusively for higher education in Hospitality and IHM, Bangalore as the right place to include this. There is a need for new vistas in education like PG programmes, Executive MBA, organization based programmes, executive development programmes, PG and doctoral research in hospitality and restaurant management, short-term executive programmes, and distance and online education. The survey findings also indicated that IHM Bangalore is ranked among the top three Institutes in the country.


The Government of India has approved the establishment of EDC at IHM, Bangalore with a financial grant of Rs. 4 crores against a project cost of Rs.5 crores. This is an ample demonstration of the initiative of the Government of India in creation of facilities and infra structure for quality higher education opportunities for today’s multifaceted, high-tech hospitality industry. The Institute hopes to raise the shortfall of one crore as contributions from the industry. The Centre would be commissioned 24 months from the date of commencement of construction.


This is the only Institute in the country to have been granted this facility to establish an Executive Development Centre by the Government of India. It is proposed to enter into MoUs, articulation agreements with Management Institutes like Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore and some leading hospitality schools of Europe, U.S.A. and Australia with opportunities for faculty and student exchange programmes. The Institute over a period of time envisages conducting international programmes whereby there will be an inflow of foreign exchange.


The Centre will provide an opportunity for hospitality & tourism professionals with special refresher training, higher education programs and after few years offer international programmes.


The Centre’s mission is to deliver advanced premium quality education and research opportunities to the Hospitality/Tourism industry professionals.



Gherzi Eastern Limited, have been appointed as the architects for this project and the Central Public Works Department as the executing agency. The project is expected to be ready by July 2003.


The benefits for the hospitality industry


·                    Higher Education Programs in Hospitality on par with international programmes offered at Bangalore

·        Cost effective training programmes

·        Facilities for Research & Development would be available

·        Client specific customized programmes

·        Refresher programmes --- for supervisory, junior, middle and senior executives of the Hospitality & Tourism Sector.


Executive Development Programmes/Organization Based Programmes


·        Supervisory Level

·        Junior Executive Level

·        Middle Executive Level

·        Senior Executive Level

The Industry involvement in the programme & content design is envisaged


Some Proposed Programmes



Project Profile:


This will be a Centre with the latest and state-of-art technology:



The industry can help us with;


·        Donations (exempt from income tax u/s 80G)

·        Endowments

·        Institution of chairs

·        Collaborations

·        Faculty/executive exchange


From the project stage specific attainable goals on waste management, energy and water conservation, purchasing policy with a green team to motivate and educate all concerned. Also the centre will set a baseline with departmental audits on engineering, laundry, general management, grounds and recreations, housekeeping, purchasing, food and beverage outlets. The 3-Rs of the Centre will be Reduce, reuse, and recycle will be the motto. It is also proposed to set up a community out-reach programme. This Centre we hope will be set trends for Eco-Friendly Education Centres.